Friday, May 20, 2011

1st Birthday

Well, we are about 2 weeks away from celebrating Anders' 1st Birthday (um...when did this happen???), and I am completely ready for it. We will not be having a "traditional" 1st Birthday party since we really don't know enough people with kiddos out here to make it worth it. Instead, we are flying back to Vermont for a week to celebrate with our families.

As the standard "spoiled" first grandkid, Anders will have 2 parties, one with each side of the family, and we just cannot wait to see everyone! While we are there we will also be closing the sale of our Vermont home, which S and I are extremely excited about. In going back "home" for A's birthday, I have given all creative license to my Mom and Mother-In-Law to do as they with for the celebrations. Honestly, the "events" will be more focused around seeing all of our friends and family rather than a kid's birthday party.

If someone had told me 2 years ago that I would not be planning or really throwing a birthday party for my child's 1st birthday I would have laughed. While I do think that many people go way overboard in planning a party, I had never anticipated that I would not be the one hosting our friends and family for a simple get together to celebrate our child. Realistically, it makes no sense to try and host something here for our families-too many people, too many flights, only grandparents could come, but sometimes I do wish we were celebrating our child in our home. We considered having a few friends over, but most people we know out here do not have children and we are still developing our friendships with them. Even if we had a "no gifts" party, I still feel like it would seem gift-grabby and awkward to host a kid's party with a bunch of 20-40ish adults with maybe 2 kids thrown in.

This is simply one more "first" we are going through living here. S and I will celebrate Anders' first year with him on the 4th, and I'm sure it will be the prefect celebration that we need at this point in our lives, but there is still a part of me that wishes for invitations, party favors and piles of dirty dishes.

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